Surfing-best hobby possible


What’s the question that’s asked most to break the ice? Your name, where you work, and what is your hobby. These are probably the top three most asked questions. I usually get a ‘wow’ whenever I answer “What is your hobby?” Any guesses, why I get a bewildered response? Well because, my hobby is surfing. Honestly, it’s not a sport that you can engage in once a week or as rarely as the blue moon. It’s a lifestyle that I […]

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What is Physical Fitness? – Definition and Importance

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People around the world have several concepts of physical fitness. To some it is to be at your ideal body weight, have hard muscles or an hourglass figure. But, these concepts do not define physical fitness completely. Fitness is not only about appearance, it constitutes a lot more than that. Physical fitness is how strong and healthy your body feels during different activities. And how effectively and efficiently it functions when tested. Physical fitness has several components: 1. Muscular Strength […]

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