What is Physical Fitness? – Definition and Importance

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People around the world have several concepts of physical fitness. To some it is to be at your ideal body weight, have hard muscles or an hourglass figure. But, these concepts do not define physical fitness completely.

Fitness is not only about appearance, it constitutes a lot more than that. Physical fitness is how strong and healthy your body feels during different activities. And how effectively and efficiently it functions when tested.

Physical fitness has several components:

1. Muscular Strength and Endurance

It is the body’s ability to apply power and strength, lift weight and for muscles to extend and contract for long periods of time.

2. Cardiovascular Endurance

It states how well your heart works when your body is doing some hard physical exercise. Is it able to pump enough oxygen in your blood for your body to keep working?

3. Body Fat and Mineral Composition

The percentage of fat and minerals in your body is called body fat and mineral composition. It is not true that a person who seems to be slim doesn’t have a high cholesterol or fat level. So to be healthy and fit your body fat composition must be within the normal range, which is, for men 18-24 percent and for women 25-31 percent.

4. Speed, Balance, and Coordination

It is the ability of your body to work fast, maintain its balance and to correctly and quickly correspond to the nervous impulses.

5. Flexibility

It states how flexible your body is.

Physical fitness is of great importance, and if neglected can have severe consequences

· It strengthens your heart and allows it to function properly. Lack of fitness can cause Cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension or congestive heart failure

· It helps you relax, as you sweat, which prevents anxiety and depression.

· It manages your weight and prevents obesity, diabetes, and overweight.

· Its strengths your muscles and bones preventing muscle stiffness, lower back ache.

· It also cleanses your lungs and improves breathing, which in result prevents chronic bronchitis.

· It further freshens your skin and makes it glow. Also, it helps prevent acne and other skin diseases.

Physical fitness is not something to take lightly because it is the key to a happy life, as health is the biggest luxury.