Surfing-best hobby possible


What’s the question that’s asked most to break the ice? Your name, where you work, and what is your hobby. These are probably the top three most asked questions. I usually get a ‘wow’ whenever I answer “What is your hobby?” Any guesses, why I get a bewildered response? Well because, my hobby is surfing. Honestly, it’s not a sport that you can engage in once a week or as rarely as the blue moon. It’s a lifestyle that I have chosen for myself. I have embraced it for myself. And I am sure judging by my love for it you already have determined that I spend more time in water than on land. Pretty much an amphibian now. Surfing is the best and I will tell you why. Let’s you travel and you have to travel because you need to have a taste of the water and waves in different places. You cannot be a good surfer if you have surfed only at one place. At its essence surfing requires a board, board shorts and wetsuit (provided you don’t live near equator). Surfing could be expensive, and inexpensive when compared to other water sports.

Surfing can be quite an expensive sport in case of time. You have to wait for the right wave conditions; you have to wait until you learn. It does take a lot of effort and practice to get to the point where you are up on the board and surfing. You must also be in good shape. Initially, when you are learning you can use just one surfing board and learn. But when you have learnt the art, you will find the drawbacks of your surfing board and you will eye on the more sophisticated ones. There is less gear involved in surfing and exactly why it is a comparatively inexpensive sport.

Surfer in californiaWhen you are out there in the middle of the waves, you will know why you get bewildered responses when you tell people about your hobby. Once you start surfing, you willforever be awe-struck and in love with the waves. In fact, right now for me it’s my passion and a lifestyle that I have chosen for myself more than a hobby. To say, I love surfing will be quite an understatement. Before you hit the waves it is highly recommended to take lessons about etiquettes, ocean’s patterns, techniques and mechanics.

You might want wetsuit at the later stages when you are an amphibian (pretty much) just like me. Wetsuits are for thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy. And wetsuit boots you ask? They are great addition to any watersport lover’s wardrobe – They have good range of varieties and vary in thickness, styles and sizes. Wetsuit boots are used to keep your feet warm and protect them. They are amazing not just for surfing but also scuba diving, waterskiing and windsurfing etc. You will typically need a wetsuit and wetsuit boots when you are surfing in a region where the temperature is low and water is very cold. You will several kinds of wetsuit boots in the market and you can choose from the wide variety according to your needs.

For all those who are waiting and learning how to hit the waves, I would suggest you take your time. Take your time and learn your body chemistry, learn what your expertise level is. Don’t just go on and start surfing, you might end up stranded in between waves and immersing down rather than riding waves. Know about it all and go grab your board. Have fun, stick to uncrowded spots, be patient and observant and above everything else respect the ocean!